George Clooney Amal Divorce? Can’t Get Pregnant Due to Weight Issues [Rumors]

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George Clooney’s wife, Amal Alamuddin, is rumored to be having problems getting pregnant because of her alleged weight issues.

According to Franchise Herald, Amal might be having difficulty conceiving because of her weight concerns. The British barrister’s weight reportedly dropped from 128 pounds to 98 pounds since marrying Clooney in 2014.

Celebrity Dirty Laundry cited a Globe Media source as saying, “Amal desperately needs to put on some weight. Her arms are so thin and her collar bones jut out sharply. She looks like a walking skeleton. She has lost so much weight there are fears she is suffering from anorexia.”

Clooney is also becoming worried of his wife’s health and weight, which apparently is due to her time-consuming and stressful job as a human rights lawyer.

Classicalite, citing OK magazine’s September 26 edition, noted a source saying: “Amal’s career is taking a huge toll on her body. Amal has always been an overachiever and doesn’t like to slow down, no matter how much George begs her to.”

“She barely has time to even think about eating — and George is really concerned,” the insider added.

OK Magazine also wrote, citing another source, that Amal is determined to not “become a trophy wife” and as a result, she now has even heavier workload than she had before she married the actor.

There have been rumors that the couple’s relationship is on the brink of divorce. There were reports that the actor and his wife are having a lot of arguments over their work schedules and commitments, including whether or not to have a child.

Apparently, the couple is not letting these issues stop them from having a child. “If need be, they’ll consider outside help, such as IVF. They’ll do anything it takes to have a baby – and soon!,” OK magazine source said.

It was previously reported that Amal is ready to be a mother.

Mr. and Mrs. Clooney recently adopted another dog, named Millie, in addition to their cocker spaniel, Louie.

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