George Clooney Amal Divorce? Can’t Have a Baby?

Wikimedia/ Michael Vlasaty

George Clooney and wife, Amal, are getting ready to start a family and have their first baby.

Yahoo News reported, citing Closer magazine latest issue, that the Clooneys are “trying for a family,” contrary to rumors that the couple is in a brink of divorce due to lots of arguments over their work schedules and commitments, including whether or not to have a child.

Closer magazine quoted a source as saying: “They’ve already started preparing and told pals how they’ve built matching baby wings in both homes, complete with a nursery, a baby spa, a playroom, children’s library and quarters for their nanny.”

It was previously reported that Amal might be having difficulty conceiving because of her weight concerns.

The British barrister’s weight reportedly dropped from 128 pounds to 98 pounds since marrying Clooney in 2014, and the actor is becoming worried about her health and weight.

Closer magazine insider added that Clooney, 53, and his 36-year-old human rights lawyer wife also love the idea of adopting a child.

“He and Amal have both said they love the idea of adopting a child in need in the future and have spoken to Brad and Angelina about this. George sees the bond Brad shares with his children and he wants that too,” the source said.

The Daily Mail has also reported that the couple is considering adopting an orphan from a war-torn country, citing Woman’s Day magazine’s latest issue.

The magazine quoted a source that said George and Amal are hoping to use the “adoption to highlight the plight of orphans in countries like Syria.”

The Clooney’s have yet to release a statement confirming the reports.

Classicalite earlier cited OK magazine October issue stating that the couple is not letting anything, including their busy work schedule, stop them from having a child.

OK magazine’s source said: “If need be, they’ll consider outside help, such as IVF. They’ll do anything it takes to have a baby – and soon!”

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