George Clooney Amal Divorce? Actor is Gay Says Reports

Wikimedia/ Michael Vlasaty

Hollywood actor George Clooney and Human Rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin have shared a fairy tale romance since the beginning. The adorable couple celebrated their glamorous wedding last year in Venice, Italy. Although Geroge and Amal come from completely different worlds, they seem tot be a perfect match for each other.

However, a huge rumor is making the rounds that George and Amal are already parting ways. Apparently, the split  is because of a few pictures that were taken 20 years ago where George was seen kissing Noah Wyle on the cheek. According to Gossip Cop, the pictures were taken at the “Desperado” movie premiere and portray rumors.

Although the photos maybe real, it’s not a strong proof to imply George as gay, as a headlining story for The National Enquirer implies. And its definitely not possible that Amal was totally unaware of something like this.

“The National Enquirer dramatically deems them ‘secret spy photos’ and ridiculously alleges they ‘could seal the deal on his $220 million divorce,'” notes Gossip Cop.

The rumor gets even more interesting with additional information noting that the actor wants to end things with his wife because he thinks “she ruined his image.” The National Enquirer, as quoted by Latino Post, claims that “the star just married Alamuddin for her political expertise for his intention to run for public office which apparently did not go as planned.”

People around maybe gossiping about the hot news on Mr. & Mrs. Clooney but they seem pretty unaffected as the couple has been spotted at different occasions where they seem very much in love. George has always had the best things to say about lawyer wife. In a recent interview with Inquisitr,  Clooney said, “She’s an amazing human being, she’s caring and she also happens to be one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. She’s got a great sense of humor.”

Will George be a bachelor again soon? We doubt it, but let’s wait for updates.

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