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George and Amal Clooney Divorce? Doesn’t Mention His Name

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She is indeed one of the most fascinating women you will ever meet. But is she really a woman of substance as she is portrayed? Well, we will all know soon. Amal Clooney has recently finished her first television interview with Cynthia McFadden on NBC Nightly News. What’s more important is the fact that she has not leaned on her celebrity surname to swim through it. And apparently, even though the fame helps her at times, she has been cautious.

“I think there is a certain responsibility that comes with that. And you know, I think I’m exercising it in an appropriate manner by continuing to do this kind of work and engaging with the media on issues that I think are important,” US Weekly reports Amal telling McFadden.

She also goes on to say that despite marrying Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney, her life has not much changed, as she still does, what she used to.

“I think it’s wonderful celebrities would choose to spend their time or energy on, you know, the spotlight to raise awareness about these causes. I don’t really see myself in the same way because I’m still doing the same job that I used to do before. So, if there’s more attention paid for whatever reason … then I think it’s good,” she told McFadden.

The 37-year-old, Oxford-educated human rights lawyer was in Washington D.C. She was hoping to meet top officials over a case in which she feels US values are at stake. According to Just Jared.com, her mission is to get the US to freeze bank accounts and impose travel bans on regime leaders in the Maldives.

According to Dailymail, Amal Clooney is currently representing former Maldives president Mohamed Nasheed, who was imprisoned on terrorism charges by the current government. She has been working on the case since September. Her co-counsel on the case was stabbed in the head a few days before she arrived in Maldives to meet her client. “I mean, it wasn’t the most comfortable position to be in, but you know, I was determined to go. It meant a lot to me to meet Nasheed, who I had read about and I considered a hero,” she signed off.


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