With “Games of Thrones” season 6 banging on our door, this bass solo on its super awesome theme song by Zander Zon couldn’t be more appropriate.  

Published on April 18 on Zander Zon’s Youtube channel, this is one of the top trending videos around the world and has managed to get half a million views within such a few days. Zon has been one of the most notable contemporary solo bass guitarists, with a fresh and engaging voice on the instrument. The video runs for two minutes and is absolutely a treat to the ears.


The video has been breaking social media sites and is being shared incessantly by youngsters. “Omg! This gave me chills! Some of the best I’ve heard on bass!! He’s slapping da bass, like a bad ass,” writes one of the viewers. Yes, people are leaving these kinds of delightful remarks. “Masterful playing. You’re a very talented young man,” writes another. “Thanks for wonderfully expanding the musical realm of the bass,” adds another on Facebook. Similarly, youtube is also filled with appreciation from viewers. “Absolutely loved it. you always make such great music, it sounded amazing,” writes one on Youtube, and the list goes on.

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The theme song of the “Game of Thrones,” which is spine chilling, has had many variations, but nothing is as rhythmic as this. The tone of the bass speaks for itself. Zon has been into making solos for a very long time and has uploaded many other famous theme songs as well. Some of his works include, “Star Wars medley,” “Adele ‘Hello’ – Fretless Bass,” “See You Again’ ft. Josh Cohen,” among other favorites.

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Make sure you keep yourself tuned to Zon’s upcoming videos and most importantly on Game of Thrones’ comeback on April 24 only on HBO.