‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6: Series Ending Revealed; Will be ‘Bittersweet Victory’


George R.R. Martin shared his idea about the finale of the HBO hit “Game of Thrones.”

During his interview with The Observer, Martin revealed that he might aim for a bittersweet ending.

“I haven’t written the ending yet, so I don’t know, but no. That’s certainly not my intent. I’ve said before that the tone of the ending that I’m going for is bittersweet,” the author revealed when asked if the ending could be more like a “horrible apocalypse.”

The “Song of Fire and Ice” writer also credited the “Lord of the Rings” and J.R.R. Tolkien as one of his biggest influences. Notably, Tolkien’s trilogy had a bittersweet finale as well.

“I mean, it’s no secret that Tolkien has been a huge influence on me, and I love the way he ended Lord of the Rings. It ends with victory, but it’s a bittersweet victory,” he explained.

“Frodo is never whole again, and he goes away to the Undying Lands, and the other people live their lives.”

Since the novel’s ending is still unwritten, the shows’ ending opens endless possibilities.

Polygon also noted that Martin has two more novels to write which are “The Winds of Winter” and “A Dream of Spring.” “GoT” fans will see if he would adapt Tolkien’s novels towards the end of the show.

Meanwhile, as the Season 6 approaches, a lot of speculations have been thrown in the air.

In our previous report, it has been revealed that Jon Snow is definitely dead and won’t be returning for the next season. But on the other hand, iDigital Times wrote that the Tower of Joy scene might suggest that Jon Snow is still alive and that he should be a King.

Find out the latest development about “GoT” in the upcoming days.

“Game of Thrones” Season 6 premieres in Spring 2016.

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