‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 Kit Harington, Rose Leslie Breakup? Goes Solo in Club


Is Jon Snow’s love life as dead and gone as his real life counterpart?

Not long ago, “Game of Thrones” celebrities Jon Harington and Rose Leslie were seen together in what appears to be manners more than friendship.

Though it is unclear if both are officially dating, many fans of the medieval fantasy series would like to believe that the two previous lovers are back together.

They have been rumored to have been in a relationship last 2012 then broke up in October 2014. According to PopSugar, they were spotted holding hands and keeping close to each other last month in what seems to be a rekindling of their past romance. The couple were doing some shopping in The Grove in West Los Angeles.

The two may not have made anything official but “Daenerys Targaryen“ actress Emilia Clarke may have something to say about the matter. According to DailyMail, Clarke believes that something is definitely going on between Harington and Leslie.

‘She’s one of my best friends, so it’s good,’ the “Game of Thrones” actress implied. ‘I mean, there are worse things than being caught kissing Jon Snow!’

Just recently, however, many caught sight of the “Jon Snow” actor alone and dateless in Hollywood dance club Lure. Many are concerned why Harington went out without the “Ygritte” actress.

Could this spell that Harington won’t be having a date this coming Valentines?

This question is yet to be answered since the English actor is quite reclusive when it comes to talking about his romantic relationships.

Pretty much similar to the indistinct status of his “Game of Thrones” character “Jon Snow.” At the end of season 5 of the popular TV series, Snow was killed off — much to the shock and bewilderment of fans. To quell the questions of a possible revival of the character, Harington himself confirmed that he will not be returning.

Many are still hopeful of his comeback after catching sight of the season 6 poster which featured a close-up of Snow’s face with blood on it.


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