“Game of Thrones” fans just witnessed one of the most epic battles in the history of medieval fantasy series as “Battle of the Bastards”  hit the small screens on Sunday night. However, many of the viewers are so excited to see the Season 6 finale that they are allegedly searching and possibly leaking the episode on Piratebay.

The tenth episode will be titled “Winds of Winter” as a nod to George R.R. Martin’s sixth novel of the same name, that falls under “A Song of Ice and Fire.” However, alleged leaks about the finale afloats the web.

However HBO was quick to avoid the incident, Independent reported. So far, a couple of leaks with code “S06E09” which can be seen on The Pirate Bay are just baits for spams and viruses.

Those who might still want to try out of curiosity may be prompted to download a “codec” in order to watch the alleged episode. But be warned because the file only consists of 300 MB and in .wmv and .exe formats, which is relatively suspicious and small for a 60-minute long episode.

This has happened several times, according to the website. Notably, Season 6 episode 5 entitled “The Door” and episode 8 which bears the headline “No One” have accidentally landed on the Internet before its official air time.

Watch “Game of Thrones” Season 6 finale on HBO at 9p.m. ET in the US and on Sky Atlantic at 2am BST in the UK.

Meanwhile, hardcore GoT viewers may have not really moved on from the turn of events that happened during the previous episode yet. Those who still wish to watch the episode in streaming sites may be warned of spoilers.

So far, aside from being “the most epic” battle in all seasons, episode 9 successfully quenched the fan’s thirst for Sansa Stark‘s revenge. It is truly satisfying to see how the hungry hounds devoured his ex-husband, Ramsay Bolton after being captured by Sansa along with Jon Snow.

More news about “Game of Thrones” very soon.