‘Game Of Thrones’ to Get Werewolf Spinoff? George RR Martin Confirms New Series


“Game of Thrones” fans who can’t get enough of writer George RR Martin’s works and its screen adaptations are in for a treat. A new series based on the author’s beloved work will be heading to television sets soon.

The good news for now being that the man in question announced on Not a Blog that Cinemax has in fact, acquired the television rights to the novella “The Skin Trade” – one of the author’s earlier works.

As noted by MTV, the novella revolves around a girl detective wanting to hunt the beasts who killed her dad when she was a child. Fans probably can’t wait for more werewolf drama on their television screens.

George RR Martin is absolutely excited about the development, he wrote, “I am very excited to announce the Cinemax (HBO’s sister company) has optioned the television rights to ‘The Skin Trade,’ the offbeat ‘werewolf noir’ novella I penned back in the late 80s. The deal is closed, and Cinemax has ordered the pilot script.”

The author, himself, has selected the screenwriter – Kalinda Vazquez.

Commenting on the same, he shared on Not a Blog, “That was not an easy choice. Cinemax and my agents set me up for meetings with close to a dozen different TV writers, many of them very impressive, but Kalinda’s take on the story and the characters blew me away. She loves the story and the world, and really seems to get Willie and Randi, and her pitch to Cinemax was one of the most polished and professional I’ve ever heard. I love her enthusiasm, and look forward to working with her.”

Sure, most have been waiting around for the longest time for the arrival of “Winds of Winter,” and in that regard the author added, “While I would have loved to write the script and run the show myself, that was never really in the cards,” he wrote. “I have this book to finish. You know the one.”

Fans can hope that the author will be busy penning down “Winds of Winter.”

As for “The Skin Trade” on television, once the pilot gets the green light, fans of the author should get to witness another one of his works in motion and we are definitely looking forward to that.

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