Game of Thrones Season 6 became all the more engaging with the revival of Jon Snows’ character last week. Jon Snow had been referred with a CIA-style code name “LC,” to date on the set to maintain the secrecy.

That might be quite an entertaining treat for the fans, revealed recently by the show-runners related to the eventful comeback of Jon Snow.

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To keep Jon Snow’s secret, his name didn’t emerge on scripts, scene breakdowns, and call sheets for Season 6 of HBO’s Emmy-winning hit. The name didn’t even come out on prop or wardrobe materials. Instead, the character was always referred to as “LC” short for “Lord Commander,” Entertainment Weekly  reports.

The code name came into existence as Snow spent so much time lying around in that loincloth and Carice “Melisandre” van Houten got naughty with it.

As stated by the show-runners :

The nickname inspired some ribbing among the cast. While shooting his resurrection scene, Harington had to lay naked on a table while Carice van Houten (Melisandre) washed him repeatedly. So the actress decided to give Harington a new “LC”-based nomenclature (it’s not something we can print, but feel free to guess).

Jon Snow’s blood and hair went into the fire and he was alive once again after a few chants from Queen Melisandre on Sunday’s Game of Thrones episode “Home.”

Entertainment Weekly further says “Kit Harington spent more days working on Thrones last year, than any other actor.” As Harington mentioned in a recent clip, this is proving to be the biggest season for the Lord Commander yet, and it was preceded by an almost yearlong campaign to convince the world that he wouldn’t be in it at all.

One should bear in mind that Jon Snow was a dead body for the first two episodes of Season 6 who had only couple of ragged breaths at the end of “Home.” We have not yet heard a word from him but it can be expected that he will speak up soon.

Jon Snow must have a huge presence in the remaining eight episodes to make up for that, we strongly believe.