Since the inception, Game of Thrones has teased us regarding Bran Stark’s capability. For season 1, it was shown that the stark lad gets prophetic dreams and takes control of other’s minds and bodies. However, in Game of Thrones Season 6, we could see his ability to travel through time.

It seems that Bran can indeed influence the past. However, the past can be influenced only in ways that confirm events which have already happened and are true.

Even though, the implications for the rest of Westeros are enormous. It is also worth noting that such science fiction stories are carried out carefully with some serious research in mathematical physics. And this kind of approach is highly applauded amidst several senseless films and TV series.

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The interpretation of Game of Thrones follows one of the most famous systems of belief of the genre, which is known as Novikov’s self-consistency principle. This theory solves the problem of paradoxes in time travel.

According to the principle, if the event has occurred that create a paradox, then in all likelihood, the event occurring is zero. This means that any changes to past would always be true in the traveler’s timeline, notes

In previous episodes, we saw that Bran interacting with a young version of his father as well as a tragic encounter with a young Hodor. This shows that Game of Thrones is sticking to this approach.

It would be interesting to see what Bran would probably do with these powers. However, the fan theories are pretty wild. However, we can expect a big shift in storytelling for the show as a whole.

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Anyhow, the plot is taking an interesting twist and it would be delightful to watch how the events would take its turn.