This month at Game of Thrones’ Hollywood premiere, the episode ended as Melisandre took off her ruby choker and was disclosed to be a wrinkled old woman.

The sequence created a hush that fell over the packed crowd inside the TCL Chinese Theater, notes TV Line.

According to co-star Michael McElhatton, there was silence. McElhatton was one of nearly four dozen cast members in attendance.

“Everyone got really quiet and leaned forward. It was really eerie and creepy,” he said.

Most of the Game of Thrones cast was aware that the heart-wrenching twist was coming. However, the premiere was the first time they were actually seeing the event play out on screen.

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Carice Van Houten, who plays Melisandre on the series, has kept her lips shut about what is coming, says Cinema Blend.

But she did say that “she has some potions” and has performed some magical stuff in the past. Melisandre is known to be a woman who can make shadow babies that can kill kings.

Although she cannot be underestimated, that doesn’t lessen the shocking and strange impact of the twist.

If Melisandre is actually that old, then she might have had a hand in Robert’s Rebellion or even Aegon’s Conquest from years and years before the events in HBO’s Game of Thrones were set.

Maisie Williams, who plays Arya in Game of Thrones, said that she knows it’s a huge plot point and a lot of people are going to be confused by it.

“….but honestly, all I kept thinking was, ‘Whoa, I wonder how long Carice had to sit in hair and makeup.’ I was also thinking, ‘Oh, that looks incredible. Emmys, Emmys everywhere!” Willams said.

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According to Liam Cunningham (Davos), Clarice told him a couple of seasons ago that the actual theory was that Melisandre was an old woman. He also said she was brought in to do a head cast for a prosthetic.

“And then she showed me the photograph and I went f—k.” Cunnigham said.