Canberra woman Gabrielle Woutersz underwent trial in the Supreme Court for killing her mother. Lawyers called the crime committed as “horrific”.

The 25-year-old was charged with the murder following the recovery of her mother’s dead body from their Dunlop property. The daughter allegedly hit her mother’s head using a hammer. Before she attacked the victim, she reportedly tied her to a ladder as she wanted to shift her to a planter box. She tried to bury her mother but failed. The involvement of the daughter in the killing was found when her father arrived home and saw the dead body tied to the ladder.

Was Gabreille Woutersz under the influence of drugs when she murdered her mother?

Where the lawyers requested the court not to make the decision on the grounds of mental instability, the court focused on the psychotic indications that were evident at the time. The court also tried to find out if the Canberra woman was under the influence of some kind of drugs when she attacked her mother. Gabrielle Woutersz pleaded not guilty to her mother’s murder but the court heard the statement from the final witness on Monday, which proved the guilt.

Prosecutor Shane Drumgold said that the matter was a tragedy, as a young girl killed someone just to “have fun”. She was under the influence of drugs and did not care about turning into a murderer. “This addiction turned a previously loving and caring young girl into a drug-dependent and increasingly psychotic drug user,” the ABC quoted Drumgold as saying. “We say she is a victim, she is a victim of people who sell drugs.”

The prosecutor also mentioned the conversion of the young woman from a member of a happy family to a drug addict also involved in prostitution. He added that it is not expected from a young woman like Gabrielle Woutersz to become such a heinous killer.

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