‘Fuller House’ Set In the ’90s? ‘Nostalgic’ Phrases & Dance Moves [WATCH]

Fuller House

The full trailer of “Fuller House” is a walk down memory lane. The sequel to the original series stays true to its predecessor. Watch the trailer.

This time around, self-awareness seems to have kicked in. As the clip reveals, the characters know 90s joke are worn-out by today’s standards. Hence, they call them out when they see fit. The Verge commented about the clip for the reboot.

The trailer features the original cast, of course, less Michelle, played by the Olsen twins. As earlier revealed, the twins turned down the reboot.

The trailer was a spark of nostalgia for many who watched the original show. It brings to mind memories of the 90s. Remember Stephanie’s dance moves?

ET noted how the two-minute trailer summed up what everyone loved about “Full House”. At the same time, what everyone can look forward to on the reboot.

Of course, it wouldn’t have been the same without the classic catchphrases. It included “Hola, Tannerinos!” to “Have mercy,” “How rude” and “Cut it out.” The drunk dial call to Michelle had a “You got it, dude!”

Watch scenes of Uncle Jesse and Stephanie doing their catchphrases.


The trailer also gives the plot for how they all got back together. Stephanie and Kimmy move in to help the recently widowed DJ raise her boys.

Old flames are also rekindled as D.J. catches up with former high school sweetheart, Steve. As Kimmy declared in the trailer, “Steve’s so in love with D.J., he didn’t even notice this sandwich”. However, the joke is on Kimmy as Steve comes back for the sandwich.

In lieu of the Olsen twins, Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky’s twins are also in the reboot. Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit, the actors who played the twins as tots, are part of the show.

In addition to “Fuller House”, Netflix also revealed other movies and TV shows coming out this February. Check out the complete list.

Another nineties show reboot “The X-Files” premiered recently. As reported earlier, it attracted high ratings.

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