Frozen 2 Plot & Release Date: Olaf Melts in Sequel, Elsa Falls in Love & More!


“Frozen 2” will be releasing in cinemas by 2018, and we’ve got the lowdown on plots and storylines you can expect in the sequel.

2013’s smash hit “Frozen” will be making its return in a few years, with the whole showering winter magic to everybody’s hearts. While not much has been confirmed about the sequel, we’re listing down what most fans are hoping to see in part 2.

Queen Elsa Finds Love

In “Frozen”, Queen Elsa was without a love interest, and we understand why. Having to manage such powers must be really tough and finding love may not be on her to do list. However, in the sequel, Elsa could be falling in love. I don’t think Disney will let Anna have all the fun with Kristoff.

New Evil Villains

The first film saw Hans and the Duke of Weselton as the evils characters in the movie. Not to mention Elsa’s powers that affected Arendelle in a not-so-favorable way, but that’s entirely different.

For “Frozen 2” we can expect new characters that will try to steal Anna and Elsa’s happily ever afters. Will they succeed? We will find out.

More Acts of True Love

Anna and Elsa’s love for each other melted everybody’s hearts in the first film. It was also a total change from the usual true-love’s-kiss-will-end-the-curse storyline Disney movies are known for.

Expect the sisters, plus Olaf, Kristoff and Sven to show more acts of kindness, selflessness and true love that kids should see more of.

Olaf Melting More Times

We’ve seen Olaf melt for Anna in part 1, because…well, some people are worth melting for. Expect the adorable snowman melt several times more in part 2. But don’t worry, with a cloud above his head, he’ll be back to his ice cold self in no time.

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