Uh-oh. Is “Frozen” having some sort of mix-up? It might be that Anna and Elsa are not sisters after all. Maybe that could be the reason why Anna doesn’t have icy powers.

As fans earlier speculated, “Frozen” has indeed close relations with “Tangled.” In the 2013 Disney film, Rapunzel and Eugene was seen visiting the Kingdom of Arendelle. According to Radio Times, a new fan theory suggests that Rapunzel is Elsa’s real sister.

The fan made video noted that Disney films take place in a “large, connected universe.” As such, the video laid out four factors in proving that Elsa and Rapunzel are sisters. These are location, timing, genetics and magical powers.

According to the theory, the location of both kingdoms aren’t far from each other. There’s a high chance that both their yachts even went past each other. Coming from both royal families in Northern Europe, it’s unlikely that the neighbouring kingdoms haven’t met.

Likewise, the timing of both Disney films prove their relationship. In “Tangled,” it was mentioned that Rapunzel’s wedding took place three years after. As the movie was shown on November 24, 2010 and “Frozen” premiered on November 27, 2013, this proved that Elsa’s parents were about to attend Rapunzel’s wedding.

The timelines are a match, realistically speaking. The fan theory revealed that both characters are of the same age. And the possible reason is that they could be twins! Well, fraternal of course!

The video proved such claim by backing it up with genetics. Both their parents are blue and green eyed couples. And according to genetics, it’s a recessive gene which could mean that their child has a 50% chance of getting blue or green eyes. It can be observed that both Elsa and Rapunzel have blue eyes.

Both characters are also left-handed and have bright, blonde hair. Elsa uses her left hand in freezing objects around her. Although Rapunzel uses both of her hands, it was evident in the film that Rapunzel used her left hand in most situations. Rapunzel’s mom was shown to be left-handed too.

Moreover, the theory mentioned that Elsa and Rapunzel are the only Disney princesses with magical powers. It was explained that Rapunzel got hers from a magical flower but how about Elsa?

Remember the scene where the troll asked Elsa’s father if she was born or cursed with the power? The King hesitated before answering. This could mean that her power could have come from Rapunzel’s mother.

In conclusion, the film previewed a short clip which showed how they were separated from each other.

Watch the complete film theory here:

Seems possible, right? What do you think of “Frangled”?