The success of “Frozen” left the fans wondering if there will be a sequel. But since the official “Frozen 2” announcement was made, speculations about its plot became enormous. This time, it is rumored that Anna has powers too, and that young Elsa will be featured in the sequel.

According to Movie News Guide, Anna might have magical powers as well.

Director Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee answered the rumors during their interview with HitFix Buck. They reportedly stated that Anna has a superpower, but it is different from her sister’s.

“He revealed that Anna’s power is love and she uses this power to always save the day. Lee described love as very powerful,” the site noted.

The movie website added that the directors might be talking about Anna’s powers metaphorically. And maybe, Buck and Lee would focus on that aspect, “what love can do in Anna and Elsa’s life.”

Meanwhile, news about Elsa’s time travel to her youth was also cited in some reports.

It has been noted that Eva Bella will return to the studio to voice the young Elsa in the second film.

“Always a good place to start my day! Nice to be back…busy day ahead! Let’s do this! #actorslife #FROZEN,” she posted on a social media site, quotes M Magazine.

Despite of the revelation that she will be back, the directors and the production team are still keeping her involvement in the sequel under wraps. But it has been rumored that the movie will show the origin of Ice Queen’s powers.

Aside from that, previous reports speculated some possible story line such as Anna being the villain and Elsa being a lesbian to mention a few.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding the highly anticipated animated film. “Frozen 2” kicks off in theaters soon.