Thursday, September 29, 2016

‘Frozen 2’ Movie: 5 Reasons It Harms Self-Esteem

‘Frozen 2’ Movie: 5 Reasons It Harms Self-Esteem


Disney and Pixar’s animation film “Frozen” successfully captured the hearts of the young and young at heart. However, reports about “Frozen 2” reveals that the movie could harm self-esteem.

Studies claim that fictional characters such as Queen Elsa indoctrinate young girls. According to Mail Online, Disney princesses have unrealistic body types like thin waists and thighs.

As a result, those who wanted to be like them might hate their own bodies. Study author Dr. Sarah Coyne of Brigham Young University stated that such characters promote the “thin ideal” to children ages three and four.

“I think parents think the Disney princess culture is safe. That’s the word I hear time and time again – it is safe,” as quoted. “But if we are fully jumping in here and really embracing it, parents should really consider the long term impact of the princess culture.”

Basically, 198 children went under a social experiment and results showed that more than 6 in 10 girls have played the Disney princess toys. Dr. Coyne stated that this could generate some problems if the young girls will overlook the lesson taught in the movies and start patronizing the characters.

“We know girls who strongly adhere to female gender stereotypes feel like they can’t do some things,” the outlet quotes. “They are not as confident that they can do well in maths and science. “

The doctor added that “They don’t like getting dirty, so they are less likely to try and experiment with things.” On the other hand, little boys who have played the same set of toys have better body esteem.

Meanwhile, the doctor suggests that moderation is the key. Disney is yet to comment on the claims.

On the other hand, different reports are already plaguing “Frozen 2” as well. Aside from the recent news, rumors have it that the movie will be LGBT-friendly.

One of the reports claimed that Fans want Queen Elsa to have a female love interest. Twitter user Alexis Isabel created the hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend, notes Telegraph.

However, the trend caused alarm to religious rightists. Right Wing Watch created a petition to stop the idea.

The “Frozen 2” movie is yet to have an official release date.

  • TheRiverFlows

    I support the idea of Elsa having a girlfriend and I think they should have a gay male character as the lead of another Disney movie too. My best friend is a lesbian and loves Frozen and I believe homosexuals should have their own Disney movies too. There have been hundreds of Disney movies with heterosexual couples at the front and centre of them and if this was Elsa getting a boyfriend there would be no controversy at all but because people want her to have a girlfriend of course the homophobs are all going to come out and whinge about it because God knows we can’t have one little movie with a homosexual lead.

    This isn’t the 50s anymore. Homosexuals are a part of society and shouldn’t have heterosexuality forced down their throats or be shifted to the background as aromantic robots. The controversy over the kissing scene in Once Upon A Time showed how backwards some people still are and was quite sad and pathetic.

    • Salmando (a.k.a ‘Bleh’)

      Why should gays get their own Disney movies??? Disney movies are not made for straight people, and not against gay people. If you truly want gay equality you can’t just make a ‘Gay Disney’ movie.

      Also, you’ll be pissing off thousands, if not MILLIONS of Americans, and other nations as well. Sure, you may consider them ignorant, but they are still out there and you should respect their own beliefs.
      The world is ready for open gay childrens movies, even if it is ‘cool’ to do so now.

      I’m not against Disney having a gay character, but gay for the sake of being gay, and shoving it your face, is just rude.

      • TheRiverFlows

        Why should gays get their own Disney movies???

        Because homosexual people are a large part of society and are growing in numbers every day because more of them are comfortable about coming out now after decades of being repressed and forced into having heterosexual relationships with men and women in fear of being cast out. In order to have true equality with homosexuals there should be far more than one movie with a homosexual lead and this is something that should have been made DECADES ago but making Elsa a lesbian now is a start. Not only will this be historic but it will be viewed in years to come as a groundbreaking move. It is not about it being cool, it is about it being the RIGHT thing to do.

        And if it pisses some homophobs off. Good. Piss them off. Do you realise how many racists it pissed off when they started having movies with African American leads in America? There was a huge uproar from people like the KKK but they still went ahead with it and there are now hundreds of movies with African American leads. Homosexuals should be no different and they should take their backwards outdated views and blow them out their arse because as much as they hate homosexuals, they ain’t going anywhere and no amount of homophobic rants are going to change that now. They need to learn to live with them.

        I’m not against Disney having a gay character, but gay for the sake of being gay, and shoving it your face, is just rude.

        Yes because Disney hasn’t done the same thing for decades by shoving hetero relationships as the one and only relationship down homosexuals throats too or better yet, how about the message in Disney movies that women need to have a man to be happy and successful in life and they need to be rescued by a prince because they are incapable of taking care of themselves? I have lost count of how many Disney movies I have seen shove that message down everybody’s throats and it is time for a change. Society is changing and homosexuality is soon going to be a big part of the movie and TV industry.

        • Salmando (a.k.a ‘Bleh’)

          Disney never shoved hetero relationships down the throats of anyone – they respectfully adhered to the normal family values that the majority of the world wants.
          We’ve reached the point where we can put gay people in an animated movie – but to do so without it being vital to the plot is always going to receive a negative look.

        • Salmando (a.k.a ‘Bleh’)

          Also, i find your intolerance for people with different views quite disturbing. How are you better than these people, if you seem so openly violent towards them simply because you disagree with them?

  • Salmando (a.k.a ‘Bleh’)

    I hate reading stupid shit like this. An animation studio chooses a style that they believes will appear to kids and such – and stupid people go out and complain that the characters are damaging the minds of children because they are too thin.

    Better yet – they probably should push it further. America is leading the ‘it’s ok to be fat’ movement – and they shouldn’t. They should ban fat people from movies – or reserve them to be ridiculed – so that people know it’s not ok or healthy to be overweight. None of this ‘real woman’ bullshit. Push health.

    As for the gay disney characters – people need to stop pushing this. Give it some time, it will happen naturally. Companies forcing gay acceptance is just going to cause damage to a brand. Disney are a family company, if you are sane enough to ignore the point of this article, and a lot of families would be outraged to see a children’s movie so openly gay.

    It’s like racism against black people – you just need to progress steadily, then wait for the previous generation to die out. That’s what we are up to – waiting for previous generations to die out. Evolution.

    • I’m only waiting for you to die out. That’s evolution.