‘Frozen 2’ Movie: 4 Disney Men Elsa Will Fall in Love With – Who is Her Match?


“Frozen” arrived and made it’s way straight into our hearts! The movie stood out for more reasons than one: For starters, it was one of the most progressive Disney movies ever since it pointed out how impossible it is to fall in love with someone you have just met or that nobody wakes up looking perfect.

“Frozen” became the highest grossing animated films by garnering $1,274.2 million worldwide, as noted by Movie News Guide.

Now, all eyes are awaiting the release of “Frozen 2” and everyone’s hoping this time around Elsa as the rightful queen of Arendelle finds true love, as Anna has with Kristoff. Speculations have been doing the rounds and a number of guesses have popped up.

Here’s a list of potential partners for Elsa:


Latinos Post pointed out that in the first instalment, in a scene by the fireplace, Olaf stayed by Anna’s side and said, “Some things are worth melting for.” This reflects what a wonderful partner he would make for Elsa. And besides, none of the two will be bothered about him melting away, thanks to Elsa’s power.

2. Prince Hans

According to a theory on Master Herald, Prince Hans will return to Arendelle a better person and help with setting-up the kingdom and earn a place in Elsa’s good books.

3. Jack Frost

“Rise of the Guardians” lead, Jack Frost, is another character speculated to come in to steal Queen Elsa’s heart, as speculated by Franchise Herald. The theory is based on the idea that both Elsa and Jack Frost have the power to control winter. It will definitely be interesting to see both of them coming together!


4. Prince Han’s Brother

Could it be possible that one of Prince Han’s brother comes to Arendelle to apologize and makeup for the grief his kin had caused to the kingdom? We can hope that this time around, the prince will truly be genuine and charming and will win over Elsa. Not too far-fetched, right?

Disney fans drop in a line about who you want Elsa to be paired with in “Frozen 2.”

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