“Frozen” fans hope that the movie’s sequel would arrive soon. And while awaiting updates, rumours sparked that Princess Anna could be the film’s new villain.

Movie News Guide speculated that unexpected twists might happen in the sequel. One of which could possibly turn Anna into a villain. This might happen due to Anna’s need for attention.

Well, “Frozen” fans know that Anna loves her sister so much. Although Queen Elsa cares for her too, it’s likely that the Queen might have been too overprotective with Anna.

As mentioned on Cross Map, the plot of “Frozen 2″ will tackle “second chances and forgiveness.” The site wrote that changes in the plot can be foreseen. These include a female villain, Prince Hans’ change of heart, and Anna’s evil super powers.

But what could have triggered it? There’s also another speculation that Anna could be adopted, right? A fan movie theory explained that Queen Elsa and “Tangled’s” Rapunzel might be twins after all.

Earlier in December, Master Herald noted that there’s a big probability that “Frozen” 2 will have a chart-topping duet. This duet will likely be performed by Anna and Elsa towards the ending.

Film critic Robbie Collins theorized that the song would probably be “about being stronger together.” He said that the lines and verses of the song are expected to tell Elsa and Anna’s current situation. Does that mean Anna won’t be evil throughout the film?

However, there are other theories which do not think of Anna as the new villain. In an interview with HitFix, creator Jennifer Lee teased what Anna’s powers could be.

Lee said,

“You know, like a mama bear can raise a car off their kid with their super strength. Love is very powerful.”

Meanwhile, Youth Health Magazine reported that “Frozen” 2 might be shown in theatres in 2018. But as of the moment, there’s no confirmation from the production team.

Oh, and if Olaf gets a love interest, can we expect heart-melting love songs?