It’s Friday the 13th and everyone is likely scrambling for their lucky charms before heading out the front door. However, this year could be particularly ominous as 2016 only celebrates the unlucky day once. Fans of the “Vampire Diaries” would likely consider it so since the season 7 finale airs on Friday the 13th. How’s that for coincidence?

Many continue to fear the possible misfortune they will encounter on Friday the 13th. Although it might seem trivial in this modern age, Dr. Phil Stevens, an associate professor of anthropology at the University at Buffalo, told TIME that it’s best not to ridicule their convictions.

“Sometimes these are frivolous things, but sometimes they are deeply rooted cultural fears. You can insult somebody by making fun of it or you can be ignorant yourself. Some people have deep cultural taboos that you cannot change by denying them,” Dr. Stevens said.

Regardless of how you perceive Friday the 13th, it wouldn’t hurt to be aware of what to avoid on that day.

1. Superstitious belief suggests an open mouth could invite illness of possession, the Express reported. So, if you’re feeling sleepy on May 13, make sure to cover your mouth if you have to yawn.

Friday the 13th

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2. One day without a look in the mirror couldn’t possibly set back your style. The publication revealed a folktale warning about seeing death’s reflection. Hence, it advised to cover up all mirrors on Friday the 13th.

Friday the 13th

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3. People on a diet would likely welcome the publication’s next suggestion: to “skip the greens.” Express revealed an ancient belief that eating lettuce on the 13th leads to infertility.

Friday the 13th

Bustle: Happy Friday the 13th, Here are 7 seriously strange superstitions to help you get in the spirit

4. If you planned to go out with someone you really like, then skip date night on the 13th. News Discovery revealed that courtships that start on a Friday are ill-fated.

5. Women should stir clear of boats or ships on the day as they bring about watery doom, the publication recalled an old marine superstition that’s rather sexist.

6. If you plan to cook eggs on May 13, take care not to drop the eggshells into the pan. Superstition states that chickens refuse to lay eggs if their eggshells are burned, the publication remarked.

7. Be wary of a man who gives you flowers. In Russia, the gift of an even number of flowers is a sign of death, Bustle wrote.

Friday the 13th

Bustle: Happy Friday the 13th, Here are 7 seriously strange superstitions to help you get in the spirit

8. If you plan to eat a banana on the 13th, remember to break it up but not cut it. Cutting a banana will bring bad luck to the eater, CBC News shared.