Frank Ocean New Album 2015 Cancelled? Recording New Tracks


Okay! Here’s more info on Frank Ocean. Last time around, the social media was abuzz and worrying over him being MIA for quite some time now.

It appears that the artist may have been working on new music with French producer, SebastiAn. While any more updates should have cleared up the air about his much-delayed album “Boys Don’t Cry,” this one only intensifies the mystery.

As reported by MusicTimes through LesInRocks, Ed Banger’s Pedro Winter revealed that SebastiAn has recently collaborated with Ocean and the two have been working on “a few pieces.” He said that SebastiAn has “just finished the production for a few pieces for Frank Ocean – a very exciting collaboration – and then he can turn to his second album.”

Fans probably can’t get over him mentioning “his second album.” What does that indicate? Has Ocean put “Boys Don’t Cry” on hold only to be working on another album, or is this collaboration a part of the album itself?

However, if “Boys Don’t Cry” is still under works, then why would he make an announcement for a July 2015 release of the album?

While all these questions have now gripped his fans, in a statement to Fader, Winter has toned down the details and simply said, “SebastiAn met Frank Ocean few times, that’s all we know. For further infos please contact Frank’s management.”

Reportedly, Fader contacted Ocean’s reps, who could neither deny or confirm the details.

As noted by MusicTimes, chances are Winter is under pressure to not make any details public by Ocean’s reps. The site added that there is also a possibility that “the two didn’t complete any new music.”

Fans may have begun to lose hope about the Channel Orange singer gearing up to drop his album, “Boys Don’t Cry.”

While the artist himself is not in action and his team isn’t giving anything away either, all we can do is wait for more details to drop.

Fans can keep coming back for more updates on Frank Ocean.

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