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France: ‘State of Emergency’ Extended Till May


The Parliament of France has officially approved a three-month extension of the state of emergency  after the government alerts about the possibility of other terrorist attacks.

French President Francois Hollande gave green sign to extend the state of emergency which has been in place after deadly attacks hit Paris in November 2015.  The armed terrorists attacked different locations in the country’s capital claiming 130 lives and leaving many injured.

Following the vote by National Assembly on Tuesday, a day after the upper house, the Senate approved the extension, deputies supported it by 212 votes to 31 with three members abstaining. It will be in place until the end of May.

In a debate in National Assembly, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said the possibility of terrorist threats remains very high and it concerns the national security of the country.

The extension will expand police powers to carry out raids and restrict the movement of people at specific places and time.

But human rights groups have slammed the move and claimed that it subverts the freedom of individuals.

In separate reports published by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, the groups pointed that the excessive raids by police force violated the human rights and individual freedom.

The Local reported that around 3,340 searches have been carried  since November. Of those, 578 arms were seized, more than 340 people were taken into custody and 285 house arrests were made.

This year, more than 40 have been arrested for having links and illegal nexus with terrorist organisations like ISIS in Syria.

Cazeneuve said that the search efforts have been successful in disclosing the hidden efforts by terrorist organisations and various drug traffickers.

The attacks which horrified the entire nation was claimed by the Islamic State of Syria and the Levant (ISIL). It raged anger among various Muslim diasporas across Europe.

In France, there are around 6.2 million Muslims, which makes them a largest group of Muslim minority in entire Europe, according to a report filed by Aljazeera.

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