Fossil Reveals New Android Wear Watch & Wearables

Watch brand, Fossil, has long been planning to manufacture its own smartwatches and at the Intel’s Developer Forum, tech aficionados got a glimpse of the new Android Wear watch from the company. Fossil and Intel have come together to work on a line of wearables named Fossil Connected Accessories.

According to CNET, the lineup will not only include watches but will also feature connected bracelets and connected watches. Fossil will also be working on connected watches for Kate Spade and Michael Kors.

Digital Trends noted that the new Android Wear Watch appears to sport a 22m leather strap and chances are Fossil could also be offering the option for metal straps.

The offering from Fossil looks like a mix of LG Watch Urbane and Moto 360. The complete round watch features a smaller bezel, much like the Moto 360, and also the lugs of the watchstrap resemble those of Watch Urbane.

A preview of a watch dipped in the shade of silver was given at the forum, but it will not be a surprise if the company decides to launch a gold variant as well.

The three watches should apparently be out in time for the winter holidays, as reported by Digital Trends.

This is the first time that Fossil is coming out with smartwatches which will come powered by the Intel Chips.

Details about the specs, features as well as pricing and exact availability dates weren’t announced at the forum. Potential users will have to watch for further updates on the new Android Wear Watch and wearables.

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