Though the Fort McMurray fire devoured most of everything its residents had, it couldn’t deter some from going ahead with the most important events of their lives that collided with the wildfires. Élise Boissonneault had her wedding planned over the weekend and she was determined to not let anything come in the way despite losing her wedding dress to the raging wildfires.

Boissonneault, 29, came to the attention of the media when she was offered 100 dresses by Torontonians across the city who did not want her to delay her wedding because the wildfires ruined the wedding dress.

Boissonneault and her partner, Brandon, got married on Saturday at the Rectory Café on the Toronto Islands.

The bride-to-be left her wedding dress behind in a rush to evacuate following the Fort McMurray fire warning. But soon after she arrived in Toronto, dozens of strangers came forward to offer her wedding dresses following a friend’s social media plea.

However, she was so overwhelmed by the choices that it became quite a task for her to choose between the dresses. A local bridal shop finally donated her two dresses: one for the occasion and the other for the reception.

“People have been so amazing, just trying to donate a dress to me, doing everything they can to help,” the Huffington Post quoted Boissonneault as saying. “It’s honestly so touching I really can’t describe the feeling I have, it just gives me butterflies to think that people would do such a wonderful thing.” The residents offered her not just the wedding dresses but also hair accessories and jewellery for the wedding day.

According to photographer Alex Neary, the couple is enjoying their newlywed bliss. “Everyone cheered for her when she got off the ferry and multiple people stopped her on the island because they recognised her and were so happy for her,” Neary said via email, as quoted by CBC.

The good news is that the rapidly spreading Fort McMurray fire is now under control. Alberta Premier Rachel Notley said that the wildfires are spreading much slower than it was feared, the National Post reported.