One of the world’s leading car manufacturers, Renault, is back to Formula One championship. Not only does it make an epic comeback but also remains confident about the elite motor-sport boosting its sales.

According to the CNN reports, Formula One’s “cutting edge” reputation has been critised for slower races, weak championships, and unreliable tires and engines.

The source quotes, “Renault will make a fully-fledged return to F1 this year, having bought back the team it sold in various stages from 2010.”

“It has rebranded the Lotus marque — one of the sport’s most famous names — and on Wednesday unveiled a black team livery and new driver lineup.”

The French company wants to use the Formula One race as a platform to boost its sales and promote their new endeavor.

“This is the car that will test at Barcelona in two weeks’ time,” Renault Sport chief Jerome Stoll said. “It is an elegant livery. Will it be black at (the season-opening race in) Melbourne? Guess. You’ll see, but the elegance will remain the same.”

“Motorsports still spark the imagination of both enthusiasts and everyday drivers, and we are putting a comprehensive program in place today,” CEO Carlos Ghosn said.

“Formula One is a big part of our efforts to boost awareness of Renault, particularly in markets where Renault is a newcomer, and will enhance the transfer of technologies from the track to our road cars.”

According to the Mirror UK, Renault has become the first team to reveal their “black motor with yellow trim” car ahead of the first Grand Prix of the year in Australia on March 20.

Renault boss Cyril Abiteboul exclaimed, “”We have won in F1 as a team and as an engine supplier.”

“There is no reason why we cannot repeat that.”

This comes as a good news for the Formula One lovers as well those to seek the new Renault back on the track.