Posters for Shrek Forever After swore that it would be the fourth and “final chapter” in the movie series. However, a lot of movies recently did get unexpected reboots and sequels. This recent spate of revivals also came years after the originals hit the big screen. Could this mean studios can still make Shrek 5?

Control over the animation studio behind Shrek recently changed hands. NBC Universal took over DreamWorks Animation. The sale gave Universal access to Dream Works’ old titles. Could Universal be getting ready to revive some of these movie series, like Shrek?

CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg  himself confirmed the rumors in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter. According to the report, Universal will order a revival of Shrek, as well as Shadows. The outgoing DreamWorks executive also confirmed an estimated release year for both movies: 2019.

Summer 2019 can't come soon enough! #Shrek 5 Confirmed!

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What will the fifth Shrek installment focus on next? Will the story pick up where Shrek Forever After left off? Or will the upcoming sequel explore a new story arc altogether? Universal has kept mostly mum about the next movie’s details.

However, according to Digital Spy, Katzenberg might have dropped a few hints at this year’s CineEurope trade show in Barcelona. He said the Shrek writers are already done with the storyboard. “Every day has been an adventure for me, it’s been a great ride,” he said at the conference. “We have a fantastic script for Shrek 5.”

Meanwhile, Universal’s most recent animated film might just earn around AUD402 million (around USD300 million) before the month’s up. According to Forbes, The Secret Life of Pets has already raked in a total of AUD346 million (around USD259 million) this week.

According to The Guardian, Universal earlier bought the Shrek studio for a reported AUD5.1 billion (around USD3.8 billion). The recent deal and admin shift aimed to create a force to rival even that of Disney’s.