Sunday, September 25, 2016

Ghostbusters 2016 Sequel: All-Female Cast Replaced?

Ghostbusters 2016 Sequel: All-Female Cast Replaced?



A Ghostbusters 2016 sequel might be in jeopardy. However, could a change in its casting guarantee that it would push through?

Despite wide criticism, producer Amy Pascal expressed optimism at the possibility of a Ghostbusters 2016 sequel. Indeed, Sony Pictures chair Tom Rothman shared her excitement about the film during its premiere. This was despite the numerous criticisms that hit them in the course of production.

The reboot proved to be one of the highly debated films of 2016. It faced numerous trials from day one. Fanatics certainly made it a point to voice out their opinions, and it seemed they did not appreciate every detail of the film. They opposed the female casting, they rebuked the trailers and they slammed the soundtrack.

The day for the final verdict has come. Yet the news does not bode well for a Ghostbusters 2016 sequel. It seems a month after it hit theaters, box office tallies point to a dismal reception of the reboot. Figures point to a significant loss for Sony Pictures considering the substantial budget it cost to produce the film. Yet a Sony rep denied the alleged loss and pointed out the various income-generating streams spawned by the film. Even so, box-office analyst Jeff Bock revealed the fate of the franchise and its female cast.

“Ghostbusters is on ice until further notice. I just can’t fathom the creative talents behind it — Feig, McCarthy, Wiig, etc. — slogging out another one when the reception to the first one was so mediocre,” Bock stated. As it turns out, the studio seems to be considering the animated route for succeeding releases of the franchise. This supposedly includes a full-length film in 2019 and a TV series in 2018, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Thus, the chances of a sequel seem unlikely at this time. Then again, would replacing its female casting be an option?

Would changing the all-female cast result in a Ghostbusters 2016 sequel?

  • Butthurt “Respekk” Birdman

    No Respekk for this movie.

  • Peterus Yelch

    The cast weren’t really the problem… script, pacing, lack of decent jokes, thin repackaging of the original ideas – THESE were the problems.

    • Brendan Day

      Bad music too

  • Rui Alexandre

    I liked this movie, I liked the cast, and redoing with a new cast makes utterly no sense. Bring the girls back. Zuul has been playing with cassette tapes. That’s never a good sign.

    • Brendan Day

      Liked it cuz you are brainwashed tart

  • WaywardPoem

    Maybe try a little less misandry in the next one.


    Finally !!! This is common sense !!
    We don’t want female Ghostbusters !!
    And we don’t want an Alien reboot with a male in the role of Ripley, why to change ?
    People seems not understand yet why this crappy reboot bombed, when it’s so clear.

    • Toonami4Life

      Movie Studio Analyst “But the chart said…”

      • Theorn


      • Theorn

        They still haven’t figured out that the extreme amounts of online manipulation for the sake of marketing and media bulstering it’s click count, have made most online data needs to be treated as a huge variation from real world opinions. Oh well…. If enough people say that the movie didn’t lose money, maybe Sony will be dumb enough to invest in more of the same.

  • BrianDavion

    just getting rid of the current cast won’t do jack. because the trust is gone. Sony was pretty much outright abusive to the long time fans of the franchise.

  • Megan

    I liked the movie and want to see the current cast fight Zuul and Gozer! (ok and Vinz Clortho as well).

    • Peterus Yelch

      Thing is, those characters were more or less in this film – Rowan was a mix of Vinz/Louis/Gozer, Kevin was a mix of Dana/Louis/Janine and so on. The overarching plot was just lifted from the original, complete with a Stay Puft stand-in at the end. Hard to see how they’d get away with more or less doing the same thing again.

  • Peterus Yelch

    No, no there weren’t, you sad little man. I bet you’re one of those bozos who’d made their mind up about a year before the film actually came out.

    • Brendan Day

      Fuck you asshole

  • crashfellow

    This article is still subtly suggesting that dislike of the female cast is the only reason it failed.

    The reality is, it’s a poor film and the studio chose to attach fans rather then address actual critism. You cannot call everyone who dislikes the film sexist and biggoted. It doesn’t work and we’ve seen that!

    • eddie

      exactly. It cites ‘fanatics” as disliking the film but ignores the plenty of regular folks who didn’t like it and thought it wasn’t funny. It just wasn’t that good of a movie and the marketing of hate was just a huge turn off for the general audience.

      That being said, a passing of the torch film with the old Ghostbusters to a new mixed team led by Wiig and Holtzman with Chris Helmsworth (not stupid Kevin version) and say, Jason Gordan-Levitt would probably make a killing with an actual funny script.

  • Johny Johnson

    That would be pretty funny. I remember Halloween III Season of the Witch having the original Halloween on in the background. Not the same for sure, but that would be a really funny way to spin it.

  • Antonia

    I liked the film – i thought it was funny. 73% of critics liked the film. 190million box office for a kids summer comedy is pretty good. The only question is whether all the revenue streams from Sony doing this reboot – the box office, the merchandise, the themed rides, the renewed interest in the original to which they now own the rights – cover all the costs – the cost of making the film, the cost of distributing it, advertising it and so on – and that’s a bit to early to tell at present. Apparently the same thing happened with Tim Burtons Batman – huge advertising budget to comparitively modest ticket sales, people were declaring it a loss, but overall the franchise was hugely successful. I really hope they make a sequel keeping the current cast.

  • l3012

    I actually liked the movie, but it’s far of perfect. That’s a fact.

    It had an unnecessary amount of cameos (I liked Dan Aykroyd’s and Ernie Hudson’s), and yes, there were moments when there was a joke, and then another one came up trying to be funnier and it just didn’t work. But overall, it wasn’t as bad as people want to make it look. It’s way better than the sequel of the original.

    A lot of people calls its ‘misandry’, well I found it more like a satire. Truth is that the original movie wasn’t exactly empowering women (yes, we had a female villain, big deal) but overall, women had no important role at all. And it happens the same in a lot of action movies, that aren’t exactly better. So Chris Hemsworth is the equal of a Victoria’s Secret model in a Michael Bay film, to say an example. Or Jennifer Lawrence with blue paint all over (or are you going to tell me her Mystique is sublime? I don’t dislike her but she doesn’t do it to me, no).

    (I personally thought it was stupid how they ended up killing the ghost, but there are a lot of movies who make such dumb jokes and get away with them. The problem here is that they were women. ‘Unattractive’ women to make it worse to some).

    As a woman, there were funny moments and some of them kind of relatable to my group of friends (obviously, not 100%) and I actually laughed. A lot of people who are criticizing didn’t even bothered to check the movie and are only complaining over reviews and trailers. I don’t think Sony made a good choice in betting everything on this, or to take poor reviews too seriously, when it’s a movie, and there will be always people that won’t like it.

    I’m sorry if there’s any typo on this post, English is my second language.

  • helicopter

    This putrid mess is as repulsive as a slimy-sounding, foul-smelling queef of a morbidly obese militant feminist.

    • Peterus Yelch

      Jesus, settle down.

      As a normal, balanced mega-fan of the original I can safely tell you that GB 2016 was basically a lame remix. It followed the template too closely to be something we could either love or hate.

      • helicopter

        Well im not really talking about the movie per se… im talking about this whole mess of genders/feminist/politics and all such nonsense.

        Also i just wanted my comment to sound more “eloquently”.

  • Gary Driscoll

    Sony Pictures manipulated the public with a virtue signalling marketing campaign. The movie studios like controversy sometimes, like with the new Ghostbusters movie, it mean they can promote their movie to a group, or social movement. They deleted non-sexist, well thought out opinions. On the other hand, wildly sexist, racist, and illiterate remarks were being left untouched. This can only mean they wanted these controversial remarks to be see as the majority. By stirring this pot, Sony made it a huge media frenzy, and everyone on both sides of the controversy have fallen for it. How do I know this, because watched while they did it to my posts and and others. This can only mean they wanted these controversial remarks. Now everyone has to see the movie because they are a social justice warrior, curious what the fuss is about, or to prove they are not a misogynist.

    In other words….Sony Pictures created a gender conflicted to help sell this movie, and we all fell for it.

    I saw the new Ghostbusters. It’s not the worst movie ever made, nor even the worst movie this year. This was worthy of a Redbox rental (not my first choice either) and not a trip to the movies…I would give it 2 ½ star rating out of 5.

    The “reboot” part of the new Ghostbusters movie is the problem, not the female cast.

    There are a few cherished classics like Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, etc, that I feel should not mess with. Now if this was a new Ghostbusters movie, and these ladies (who I like by the way) were opening up their own franchise years later, maybe in a different city, I would like with that. I hate how people are spinning it so if you don’t like the movie, then you are sexist or a hurt fanboy. I love the kick butt female “Rey” character from the new “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” movie…because she is a new kick butt female character. But I would have been upset if the say made Luke, a Lisa in a Star Wars reboot.

    Please make some new female characters and new female heroes, not recycled male roles. There are many awesome female actresses, some of which are in this movie, who deserve new roles they can make their own. Giving them old male roles puts them in a box, that’s nearly impossible to break free of.

  • Kelley

    The problem with Ghostbusters 2016 is all on Paul Feig. I personally didn’t care for the trailer but still was considering going to see it until Paul Feig had his hissy fit and labeled everyone who didn’t like the trailer as women haters. Paul Feig needs to shut up and find himself some big boy pants and learn how to deal with people in the real world. I feel sorry for the actresses because they became the focal point of Paul Feig’s war against men.

    • a_v

      Not really. I’d give more of the blame to Amy Pascal, who is directly responsible for appointing Paul Feig in the first place as well as going out of her way to sideline and minimize any impact Ivan Reitman could have had on the entire production (he’s listed in the credits but was basically shut out).

      I would agree with Paul Feig hating men (he had an article in 2013 where he stated he couldn’t think of a single male he found funny), but Amy Pascal is the true villain here.

  • Joe

    When Gozer said “Choose! Choose the form of the Destructor!” Someone must have thought of Paul Feig. That’s the only explanation for this flop.

  • Brendan Day

    Better writing could help
    .. Lose the misandrist bull .. Different women won’t help at all !!

  • Lucius

    A sequel won’t happen.
    Sony has to make at least 500 million just to break even. It hasn’t even made half that much and looking like they will take a catastrophic loss on this movie. No studio in their right mind would do a sequel to a movie they lost millions on and is now known as a flop.
    They destroyed the Ghostbusters franchise with this movie and Paul Feig will be lucky getting work doing cat food commercials in the future.