In just a week’s time, the woman that “The Bachelor” 2016 star Ben Higgins chose will be finally revealed.

While it is still a big secret, speculations are filing high on who will Higgins pick between JoJo Fletcher and Lauren Bushnell, after Caila was booted out last week.

In the recent episode, Higgins broke the rules and told both JoJo and Lauren that he loved them.

According to People magazine, Higgins wrote on his Bachelor blog “I am in love with two women. Two very different, but equally remarkable, women. Believe me, I am just as surprised as you all are and was even more so when it was all starting to happen. Especially considering that going into this, I still had a fear that I may be unlovable, and now here I am with not just one woman that I can see a real and wonderful future with, but TWO.”

Although there have been rumours that Lauren wins the bachelor’s heart, some fans of the reality TV show are still hoping that it will be JoJo, Hollywood Take reported.

The site described JoJo as fun and caring, and has incredible chemistry with Higgins, However, her overprotective brothers are a major turnoff. Lauren, on the other hand, is sweet and down-to-earth woman. She and Higgins also have chemistry and Ben showed interest on her since the show started early this year.

Higgins also recently revealed that he is already engaged to the woman he picked. Naturally, he did not name the woman but he said he and his new fiancee are “happier than ever.”

“It’s a pretty big deal. You don’t know how much stress and weight that is, to carry for so long. Good Morning America, I am engaged! Yes, finally!”

Hollywood Take reported that the newly-engaged couple have gone to several secret dates, and Ben is “constantly texting and calling” his fiancee.

Meanwhile, in tonight’s episode of “The Bachelor,” Higgins will come face-to-face with all of the women he broke up with this season.

“The Bachelor: The Women Tell All” airs on ABC on March 7 at 8 p.m. EST, while the season finale will be aired on March 14.