A pro-gun activist mom in Florida has been accidentally shot by her toddler son. Incidentally, just one day before the incident, the mom was boasting about the 4-year-old boy’s shooting skills. The gun was legally owned by the mother.

“Even my 4-year-old gets jacked up to target shoot with the .22,” the mom stated on Facebook on Monday. She wrote about guns as a means of self-defense during a fiery online debate on the issue. She also said that she had the right to shoot anyone who threatens her and is also training her kid to do the same, reported Daily News.

31-year-old Jamie Gilt was hospitalized after her son shot at her on Tuesday. She is believed to be in stable condition now, reported CNN. The boy found the loaded weapon in his mom’s car and shot her while they were driving down a Putnam County road. A sheriff’s deputy was on patrol in the road and saw the mother on the driver’s seat motioning for help. No other occupant was there in the car except the mother and son.

Capt. Joseph Wells said, “She was sitting in the driver seat and he was in the back seat, behind her. He shot straight through. The bullet entered her lower back and exited through her abdominal area. It went through her and we recovered the round inside the vehicle. It was a .45 caliber (handgun).”

It was not clear how the boy got hold of the weapon and where it was stored in the vehicle. The woman is believed to be the supporter of Ted Cruz and voiced similar pro-gun positions.  The officials further added that the boy was unharmed. He is now taken care of by other family members.  The Department of Children and Families is investigating the case.

There is a debate going on over the gun laws in the country. Apparently, US pro-gun lobby targeted Australia’s gun laws by posting a video on YouTube, comprising information gathered from old Australian newspapers, last month.