The second season of “The Flash” has not yet ended but fans are have already begun speculating about the next season. Which villains will Barry Allen have to face next? And more importantly, what becomes of Caitlin Snow in The Flash Season 3?

According to Collider, Season 3 might just dive deeper into Caitlin Snow’s history. Last night’s episode already begun this when Caitlin finally met her Earth-2 doppelganger, Killer Frost. Both Caitlin and Killer Frost talked about their respective lives. They found out they had more in common than they thought. In particular, they both had “cold” mothers. “It gave us an opportunity to deepen both characters,” producer Andrew Kreisberg said. “We haven’t met Caitlin’s mother yet. We got a little talk between the two women, which will probably play out in Season 3.”

Earth-2 Killer Frost has the ability to manipulate ice. Earth-1 Caitlin has never exhibited metahuman powers before. Will she become Killer Frost as well? Fans might have to wait for The Flash Season 3 to find out. Actor Teddy Sears, who plays Zoom in the show, thinks it’s possible though.

“We all know from seeing her doppelganger that she has that potential. She begins to internalise what she has to do next with this new information. Who will she become? How will she react?” Sears told E! Online. “We’ve seen her be Killer Frost. We see her heart wants to grow cold, is how I can put it…Just like in life, how does one react to that sort of thing? There are two very distinct ways to go.”

Meanwhile, according to Cinema Blend, a new villain is set to enter the picture before this season ends. Rupture, the Earth-2 doppelganger of Cisco’s older brother, is coming to Earth-1 for revenge. He is reportedly hell-bent at avenging his little brother’s death.