The events leading up to The Flash Season 2 finale has been nothing short of explosive. The particle accelerator explosion recreated by Harry Wells gave Barry his speed force back, but it may have also gifted two other people with the same powers. The rise of two potential speedsters is not only possibility waiting for fans in the finale. Viewers might also mourn the loss of one character.

Actor Tom Cavanagh, who plays Harry in the series, stopped by DC All Access where he dished clues about what to expect in the upcoming season 2 finale.

“Crazy stuff happens. Are you kidding me? Here’s what we do at DC,” Cavanagh said, as quoted by Melty. We don’t be like, ‘well we did that well, let’s just repeat that.’ We don’t do that.”

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In the show it’s either go big or go home, and Cavanagh and the rest of Team Flash are all for going big. But his teasing doesn’t end there.

“Should we have someone die perhaps? I don’t know, maybe,” he added.

A posted by YVR Shoots on Twitter showed that The Flash cast and crew were spotted filming in Mountain Viewer Cemetery in Vancouver.

Perhaps it was just mere coincidence, but the filming location indicates that someone may die in the season finale or the character(s) may simply be visiting a dead loved one.

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If it really does turn out that one of the characters checks out of the show, there are several possibilities. At this point either of Barry’s father figures—Henry Allen or Joe West—could get the boot. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, star Carlos Valdes revealed that everyone will work together to defeat Zoom in the final showdown. That said, Henry and Joe would be the most vulnerable since they would probably be more than willing to sacrifice themselves to save Barry, if ever the need arises.

Since nothing has been confirmed yet, it should be safe to say that Cavanagh’s statement should be taken with a grain of salt.

The Flash Season 2 returns with “The Runaway Dinosaur” on May 10 on The CW.