In the latest episode of The Flash Season 2, Team Flash cooked up a plan to bring back Barry’s speed and help him defeat the menacing Zoom ak.a Hunter Zolomon.

Harry suggests that he could recreate a new particle accelerator explosion in order for Barry to regain his speed. It is a tough decision for Harry to make, so he seeks guidance from his dad, Henry. Henry opposes the plan, saying Barry doesn’t need his powers to be a better person. Barry informs Harry that he doesn’t want to go through the process.

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A new threat arises in the form of a new meta human called Rupture, who turns out to be Dante from Earth-2. He has forged an alliance with Zoom, and he comes to Central City to avenge the death of his brother, Reverb.

Rupture attempts to kill Cisco and Dante but fails. He reports his failure to Zoom, who tells him that he’ll have his revenge soon but first he must attack the cops in Jitters. Caitlin, who’s still being held captive by Zoom, overhears his plan so she immediately warns Team Flash about his plan.

Caitlin gives Team Flash ample time to prepare for the attack. When they meet Rupture in Jitters, the whole incident is being reported live on the news. Zoom sees this, and he makes his way to Jitter and kills every cop involved in the operation except for Joe and the captain. Rupture is eventually killed by Zoom. Zoom broadcasts his evil master plan on TV, telling people there is no more hope.

The gravity of the situation urges Barry to go through with the particle accelerator explosion.

The result of the explosion wasn’t what Harry had expected. For some reason, a mysterious force strikes Wally and Jesse. According to E! News, these two characters were also speedsters in the comic books. With that said, there’s a good chance they could help Barry combat Hunter Zolomon as Zoom.

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Speaking of a Flash-Zoom face off, star Carlos Valdes teased that the finale will be a “showdown.”

“Literally everybody on the team has their own unique function to play in the plans to stop Zoom … It’s a completely interdependent system. Everybody has to be focused and the plan has to go through without a hitch,” Valdes told Entertainment Weekly. “There are no backup plans anymore. This is it.”

The Flash Season 2 airs every Tuesdays on The CW.