Five Ways In Which Syrian War Changed The World


The Syrian Civil War going on for years has claimed more than 250,000 lives so far. The bloody war has made a huge impact on the world.

Here are five ways in which it has changed the world.

1) Rise of Islamic State

The evolution of Syrian conflict gradually led to the emergence of the deadliest terrorist group. It is the al-Qaeda.

In 2014, the IS took over the Syrian city of Raqqa and Iraq’s Mosul. IS has killed the minority group, making women the sex slaves, breeding next generation of terrorists, and beheading people. It has been persuasive in bringing people from all corners of the world to join the terrorist group to expand its number. It has waged attacks in countries from France to Yemen.

2)Resurgent Russia

“Russia is either collapsing or about to take over the world,” Mark Adomanis of the Forbes points out. It has led to rise of Russia.”There is one man on this planet who can end the civil war in Syria by making a phone call, and that’s Mr. Putin,” British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said as per the reports of the New York Times.

Last September after providing assistance to the Syrian government by supplying arms and money, Putin has only increased the violence.

3)Europe Destabilized

When Europe opened its border to welcome the refugees, hardly did it think of million migrants approaching, and mostly all of them were from Syria. Europe has created the barrier so as not to allow any more migrants. Thousands have died in an attempt to cross the sea, posing a serious question to Europe.

The IS attack on Paris last year by French and Belgian nationals has sparked security concerns.

4)Neighbours Subverted

European migrant crisis has affected the neighboring states. “Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan alone host around 4.4 million refugees from Syria; in Lebanon, they make up more than one-fifth of the population,” reports CBS.

5) Loss of World Heritage Sites

Almost all of the Syria’s World Heritage sites have been lost including Aleppo, Bosra, and Crac des Chevaliers. The Islamic State group destroyed Palmyra last year and numerous other sites are targeted each day by the terrorists, reports CBC.

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