Computer programs make complicated lives easier. But not many know that there are a plethora of computer programs which can be very useful to organize one’s disheveled life. We have listed few such programs which will make life a bit healthier,  more productive, and easily managed.


It is well-known that LED screens are not good for the eyes and exposure to blue light at night affects sleep. There comes f.lux which can ease the strain on the eyes due to the light. The app automatically detects the night time and day time. It controls and changes the intensity as well as the colour of the light from the computer screen.

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Bitrix24 is useful for the companies that have fewer employees (lesser than 12 employees). It is a multi-purpose program which is free to companies and lets them create their own social Intranet. The application lets users manage tasks and projects, social communications, calendars, files and documents, and CRM (customer relationship management).


Boomerang works as a reminder for people who forget to reply to e-mails. This app allows them to set the date and schedule when they want to reply to an -email. Users who use Gmail can install the application and it helps them schedule e-mails and personal reminders.


WiseStamp is an easy way to create a signature that makes e-mails look more professional. It offers various variations and allows one to decide which one he wants as a signature to be displayed. It also lets you set the signature to display automatically or manually for each email, notes Webiot.

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RescueTime is for all everyone who sits at the computer and spending a lot of time on it. The app sends you a weekly report regarding the time spent your computer. This helps you to know how productive you have been. However, you will have to feed what according to your activities is productive and distractive.