Five people have been detained for killing a British pilot during an anti-poaching mission in Tanzania. Roger Gower was on a mission with Tanzania wildlife authorities in Maswa game reserve, near Serengeti national park. His helicopter was shot down by AK-47.

Gower, 37, along with a safari guide, Nicky Bester was flying and searching for the shooters who killed the elephants. Suddenly the gunmen possessing AK-47 began firing on the helicopter and shot it down.

According to authorities, Gower managed to take the helicopter into thick woods and called the co-partner to jump out into it to save him from poachers. The bullets believed to have penetrated the helicopters floor, which hit Gower’s leg and shoulder, before passing through the roof.

Friedkin group, a Texas-based company, which overseas the conservation projects in Tanzania, said that the accused included a gunmen with co-crime partners and members of group involved in smuggling ivory.

Before moving to Tanzania last year, he had been working for safaris and expeditions from neighbouring Kenya.

“He had found something he was really good at and took a lot of pride in that. He ferried British soldiers around, he helped presenter Simon Reeve make wildlife documentaries and he flew tourists, including Bill Gates and Jessica Biel.” said brother Max Gower, The Guardian reports.

Roger’s brothers Max Gower & John Gower, brought out JustGiving page to help raise funds towards anti-poaching efforts in Tanzania.

“We are proud to have known him and to be able to say he was our brother. Those who knew [Roger] will remember his idiosyncrasies but also his principles and his infectious love of having fun. He will be sorely missed by all.” said Max and John.

People have donated for the cause and praised him for his incredible work and identity.

“Roger is a hero. All this needless wickedness & suffering, so a few can enjoy pointless ivory trinkets. Our love and thoughts are with Roger & his family” a well-wisher quoted.