The five Aussie entrepreneurs you should be following

Kate Kendall

Entrepreneurs today don’t just expand their business using social media, they use it as a platform to influence others and make a positive impact on the community (at least the ones in our list do).

Twitter is arguably the biggest connector for young minds, fresh businesses and the influencers. Even President Obama tweets.

Australia Network News has selected five Aussie influential entrepreneurs you should be following on Twitter.

1. Kendall Kate

@KateKendall The founder of CloudPeeps, connects small businesses with freelance social media and online marketing professionals. Now based in the United States, this true blue Aussie tweets about business, leadership and community development.

2. Janine Allis

@Janineboost The founder of Boost Juice, she’s not just a business women but an active supporter of women’s role in leadership, business and politics. Apart from this, she tweets about motivation, inspiration and is surely someone that wise minds would want to engage with.

3. Ruslan Kogan

@ruslankogan The founder and CEO of Kogan, Ruslan gives us insights into his life and his opinions on politics, entrepreneurship and innovative technology. He’s surely one lad every tech lover and entrepreneur could learn from.

4. Tom Dawkins

@tomjd The founder of Start Some Good, he describes himself as a change-maker, entrepreneur, burner, dreamer and a loving dad. Tom tweets about and discusses how businesses can make a positive impact on society. This social entrepreneur inspires us to not just focus on financial gains, but to focus of the gains of the community as a whole.

5. Melanie Perkins

@MelanieCanva The Co-founder and CEO of Canva, she gives us knowledge on graphics and how they enable businesses to achieve more. The simplicity of Canva makes it convenient for everyone out there to become a good designer.

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