A man from Melbourne claimed that his former fishing buddy stole his winning lottery ticket. He had claimed the lottery winning for himself and the case has ended up in Victoria’s Supreme Court.

The man demanded Tattersalls to release the footage from the news agency where he bought it.

Ismet Porcic, a Preston plasterer thinks he is one of six customers who won the $3.3 million lottery on Sept. 20, 2014. According to him, a friend named Gabriel Zacharia stole the critical docket.

He bought the TattsLotto ticket from an Essendon newsagent in September 2014.

According to 9 News the plasterer believed that the ticket was stolen when he was helping Zacharia to renovate his bakery on the day of the draw. The plasterer said he didn’t know that he had the lost the ticket until he saw a news report about the winning ticket being sold at an Essendon newsagent.

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The news reports also stated that the lottery ticket owner was yet to claim the prize.


“I firmly believe that the Ticket was stolen by Gabriel and that he or an associate of his used the ticket to claim the winnings from Tatts,” Porcic stated.

The allegations have been published in a Supreme Court affidavit. There Porcic has insisted on Tattersalls to provide access to CCTV footage.

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Porcic believes that he will prove his stake in the $20 million draw with the CCTV footage.

He asked Zacharia to let him review the bakery’s CCTV footage on the day when he believed the ticket was taken. According to Herald Sun, his friend told him the cameras were not working on that day.

This is what made him suspicious, Porcic says.

Porcic also said that Zacharia was unresponsive when he tried to ask him about the lottery ticket and also when a meeting was arranged by Zacharia’s son. The Melbourne plasterer said that these “strange behaviours” had made him sure that Zacharia had swiped the ticket.

A Tattersalls spokesperson said that Tattersalls would stand for any subsequent court order.