Microsoft has finally opened a store which retails their products to the public outside the US. The first Microsoft store is located in Sydney, Australia.

The Store is a 500 square metre, two storey retail in glass, wood and steel on Pitt Street Mall along 110 other stores. It features different sections and sorted out according to laptops, tablets, sport bands, phones, Xbox, Skype, Minecraft and more as reported in Business Insider.

Microsoft isn’t the first one to open stores like these as Apple, Amazon and Samsung had already opened their physical stores. The Microsoft store is said to aim for making its products more visible to the consumer. Having consumers hold, touch and test the products will make them feel more inclined to buy more products. Having to try the Microsoft products firsthand will encourage them to buy again and again.

The Microsoft Store offered deals which will only be offered during a specific time. These are Microsoft Band 2 (First 20 people who buys the Band gets personal training session), Xbox One (Buying Xbox One plus Kinect for $399 which is normally $599), Surface Book/Surface Pro 4(Buying either of these products entitles a 2-year Subscription of Office 365), Microsoft Lumia 640 XL (Discounted price of $299 instead of $399) and Bose Mini Soundlink 2 (Discounted price of $199 instead of $299) giving the public huge discounts and more as posted in Gizmodo.

The store will ran smoothly with its 60 staff members who are all expected to perform different roles from customer service, to sales and marketing as well as technical support.

The store can also handle all troubleshooting and at the same time offers repair services to any Microsoft device including the old models.  They will also support all software updates, virus and malware removal which they will do for free. But there will be some charges  for hardware issues and complicated technical support.

The store features a “community theater” which can accommodate up to 45 people; this can be used for workshops, training and special events.

Microsoft Store is looking forward to serving the public.They have started by opening their very first store in Australia!