Movie buffs clearly fell in love with “Finding Nemo” and are now eagerly awaiting the release of “Finding Dory,” since it was announced at the D3 Expo.

Fans have been holding on to any information they can find on the sequel and as it turns out there are more updates coming in now. Those not in the know, Ellen DeGeneres will continue to lend her voice to Dory, the forgetful blue fish that many adored. What may have delighted fans, is the first glimpse into the movie which had been shared by the official Disney Twitter account.

A poster introduced a new character – an Octopus named Hank featured in an image with Dory. The post read, “The ocean’s full of surprises. Meet Hank the cantankerous Octopus, voiced by Ed O’Neill.”

However, as noted by Movie Pilot, there could be more than what meets the eye.

The site reported the presence of an framed image in the background of the poster that is eerily similar to Darla’s image in her uncle’s clinic seen in “Finding Nemo.” Darla may be remembered as the terrifying child notorious for her insensitivity towards her pets.

This has given rise to speculation that she could probably be seen in “Finding Dory,” as well. However, as had been reported by Huffington Post, Jim Morris, Pixar President, had revealed that Dory was born and bred in the Marine Biology Institute of California before being released in the ocean. He had mentioned that “Finding Dory” will be taking place at that Marine Biology Institute itself.

So, coming back to Darla, it seems quite unlikely that she will be making her way from Sydney, Australia to California. So, the image could either just be an Easter-egg, as there are often a few in Disney Pixar movies or other guess could be an another character quite like Darla. Looks like more sneak-peeks into the movie may bring further information.

As Movie Pilot also shared, fans will be introduced to Dory’s parents voiced by Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy as well as her adopted sibling, a beluga whale named Bailey, played by Ty Burrell. This also solves the mystery of how Dory could speak whale in the first instalment, having a whale sibling always pays off!

In another news by Latin Post, it has been revealed that Nemo and his father, Marlin, will indeed be a part of this movie as well, but Nemo will be voiced by Hayden Rolence this time around.

Fans can keep coming back for more updates on “Finding Dory.” The movie is expected to hit theatres on June 17, 2016