Finding Dory, the Disney animation flick, impressed one and all, much like the previous Finding Nemo. The wait was long, but worth it. The expectations of fans have increased and they are waiting eagerly for a sequel. Does this indicate confirmation of Finding Dory 2? Quite possible!  Finding Dory has a strong connection with Olympic swimming champion Ning Zetao. Is his growing popularity opening possibilities for Finding Dory 2? Here are some connecting clues.

Ning Zetao has become a craze. The 23-year-old Chinese swimmer has made the world go gaga over him. This 6’3″ tall and handsome guy has all the features needed to make anyone fall head over heels in love with him.

Now what’s his connection with Finding Dory? Water? Not quite. Let us remind you of the trailer of Finding Dory that featured Ning Zetao just before the movie was released. It briefly mentioned Zetao, who was seen dozing off near the pool and waking up to the call of Dory. Soon he took a dip into the pool and swam along the blue fish Dory. The clip ended with Zetao’s advice to Dory to “just keep swimming. Don’t give up.”

Watch the trailer here:


Zetao is currently trending and has become hot property. From being featured on the cover of GQ China and Elle China to sending the Internet into a tailspin, he is the ‘man in demand’. The burgeoning fame of the swimmer can be a trump card for Disney to grab the required publicity and would serve as an apt platform to kickstart Finding Dory 2.

There is no official confirmation about this news. However, speculations have a solid ground to give it serious thought.