Square Enix’s much-awaited release for the year dropped yesterday. In this article we try to relay Final Fantasy XV tips and tricks from various sources, as well as other secrets revealed about the title.

One of the sources that offers tips in navigating the game is Mashable. The website offers ten guidelines to make the game easier for players.

In terms of game currency, the Mashable article suggests for players to visit all diners. Aside from being a major help in navigating through the game’s point of interests, it also a good source of Gil. In addition, Mashable’s list also offers that application of banked XPs happens when one sleeps.

Consequently, the site shares that camping allows players to “sample Ignis’s cooking”, which in turn translates to stat boosts for the following day. With more advice regarding sleeping, Mashable also highlights the hotel in Lestallum. For 500 Gil per night, players can earn a 1.5x boost to their banked XP.

There’s a big discrepancy between the Lestallum hotel and the one in Galdin Quay. As per the source, the 2.0x boost one can get from Galdin Quay comes at a massive price of 10,000 Gil.

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Check out Mashable’s complete list here.

Other Final Fantasy XV tips and tricks

Aside from Mashable, PC Advisor also its own list of tips and tricks. In talking currency, the website offers that another way to earn more Gil is selling treasures.

Meanwhile, the site also has important advice when going into battle. PC Advisor details that warping in battle in crucial in maintaining strength or even gaining advantage towards enemies. PC Advisor had this to say:

“Despite having relatively high health, it only takes a few hits to be brought to your knees, even faster if you’re surrounded by a swarm of daemons. Simply teleport where you’re looking to be free from their grasp. You can also warp to warp points to regain HP and MP, and you also can warp strike enemies from behind for a one-hit kill.”

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For PC Advisor’s detailed tips and tricks, visit this page.

Stay tuned for more news in case new Final Fantasy XV tips and tricks surface.