‘Final Fantasy Adventure’ Is Out! ‘Adventures of Mana’ for iOS & Android is Spot On

Final Fantasy 15

The ‘Final Fantasy Adventure’ remake is now playable in mobile devices.

The classic game was released by Square Enix last February 4 and is now known as “Adventures of Mana.” It was originally released for the Game Boy in 1991 as “Seiken Densetsu: Final Fantasy Gaiden” in Japan and as “Mystic Quest” in Europe.

In a report by Kotaku, it is revealed that the game is available for mobile users with the Android version unveiled simultaneously along its iOS counterpart. The Vita version was published exclusively in Japan. There has been no news with regard a 3DS release yet.

The remastered version is said to be 100 percent accurate that even the location of the obstacles in the terrain was not left out. For those who had the privilege to play “Final Fantasy Adventure” previously, “Adventures of Mana” will invoke an overwhelming nostalgia. The musical score has also been improved to fit the ears of today.

During its initial Game Boy release, it was part of the Final Fantasy series until it grew into a separate series which had an identity of its own. The independent particularity would later then be referred to as the “Mana” series. Included in “Adventures of Mana” are the large bird mounts called “chocobos” which are recurring in the Final Fantasy series. This is proof that, at one time, the game was part of such successful series.

In the past, “Sword of Mana” for the Game Boy Advance claimed to be a “Final Fantasy Adventure” remake as well but it did not reach expectations compared to what “Adventures of Mana” has accomplished.

According to Android Authority, The game employs touchpad controls so players who are more familiar with directional pad and buttons might find the new controls challenging.

Adventures of Mana is available at the Google Play Store for only $13.99. Since it is a remake, players won’t be expecting in-app purchases.

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