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Final Fantasy 16 Confirmed for Apple Watch 2? - Aussie Network News
Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Final Fantasy 16 Confirmed for Apple Watch 2?

Final Fantasy 16 Confirmed for Apple Watch 2?



A role-playing game from Square Enix is coming to the Apple Watch. Could it be Final Fantasy XV‘s successor, Final Fantasy 16?

Unfortunately, this seems far-fetched. However, a new game is indeed coming to Apple Watch. Square Enix announced this recently through the launch of a new teaser website. Named Cosmos Rings, the teaser offers little clues as to what the game is about.

The teaser page appears simple. An Apple Watch stands prominent in the site, with a few details below it. The site reveals that Cosmos Rings is a RPG, but shares nothing further. It also details that the game is exclusive for Apple Watch only, since it only lists App Store and the Watch App Store as its designated platforms.

No definitive release date was given; instead, only a “coming soon” promise was left. At this point, there’s still no information on the matter. However, the launch of this teaser site hints that an announcement or press release may come soon.

Check out the Cosmos Rings teaser page here.

Why mention Final Fantasy 16 at all?

With Final Fantasy XV‘s release date slated for September 30 this year, it’s only a matter of time before talk of Final Fantasy 16 gets traction. In fact, long-time fans of the franchise already anticipated the game years earlier.

However, some would also be skeptic of a release date too soon for the series’ 16th installment. True enough, Final Fantasy XV is 10 years in the making. It could take the same span of time for FF XVI to take shape, but with today’s growing technologies, a shorter gap between FF XV‘s successor is also likely.

Add to the mix the high demand for the game and Square Enix has more reason to pick up its pace on succeeding projects. The existence of new platforms, such as VR technology, could also be fresh avenues for Square Enix to pursue for FF XVI.

Stay tuned for updates on Square Enix’s ventures.

Final Fantasy 16 could still be a long way to go, but Final Fantasy XV releases on September 30 for the PS4 and Xbox One.