Okay, so it is official now! “Final Fantasy 15” will indeed be releasing for PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One on September 30.

This has to be one of the highly anticipated titles so far, given that fans have been waiting around for it be rolled out for a decade now. Kinda Funny Games’ Greg Miller and Tim Gettys finally announced the launch date at an event held in Los Angeles, as noted by ScreenRant. And it appears that the studio realizes that they may have to now crank up all the hype surrounding the title since the release date is officially out now. So fans will also be treated to an anime series, a CG movie and a demo. Yes, you read that right!

This confirms earlier reports and as Gematsu had revealed that the game will be arriving on the said date. What wasn’t known is the many treats that Square Enix will be giving fans; more than just the game.  The event also witnessed the release of a fresh new trailer giving glimpses into the new gameplay involving protagonist Prince Noctis and teased new features.

Now, a quick lowdown on where ardent gamers can access this content. The Platinum Demo is currently available as a free download on PSN and Xbox store. What’s more? The anime series dubbed as “Brotherhoodcomprises of  five separate episodes, out of which the first one is now available to view for free on YouTube. The rest of the episodes will follow in time.

As for the complete CG feature film, Square Enix has tied up with Sony Pictures and is expected to bring the movie out before the game launch. The cast has been finalized and gamers can expect epic battles and the complete larger-than-life kingdom wars to be a part of the movie. Keep watching this space to gather more details about what’s to come.