‘Final Fantasy 15’ Comes to PC? March Announcement Hinted

Final Fantasy 15

Brace yourselves, “Final Fantasy 15” hopefuls on PC, because new reports suggest that the upcoming game may be released on the said platform.

In a report by GameSpot, the NeoGAF user named KupoNut is credited for having uncovered the JavaScript for Square Enix’s event page. With this discovery, the website details that there are link placeholders for Steam and Windows 10. It is known that the developer behind “Final Fantasy 15” only announced the game for release on PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One.

However, this new development suggests that the game may indeed come to PC, even if it is at a later time.

Aside from the link placeholders, GameSpot reveals that KupoNut also discovered other aspects in the launch page’s code including a page for FAQs, schedules, trailers and even a livestream page.

Meanwhile, Game Rant does not dismiss the fact that the discovery could also be a mistake. To support this, the website points out that another user found that the code discovered by KupoNut is an exact copy of the code used for the “Rise of the Tomb Raider” page.

If this should be analysed, Square Enix would have just copied the code for easier handling of the launch page and would edit it later to remove pages for Steam and Windows 10.

Still, looking on the brighter side, Game Rant also highlights that there’s no reason why a game developer or studio would avoid launching a game to PC. Game Rant cites that many of the franchise’s titles have been released for Steam, the most reason being “Final Fantasy 9.”

The website shares that it is then not far-fetched for “Final Fantasy 15” to be made available for PC.

If indeed this recent discovery would prove true, GameSpot suggests that Square Enix may make the official announcement during their “Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV” event this coming March.

For now, without any official confirmation from the developer, all there is left for fans to do is wait.

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