E.L. James’ erotic films Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed wraps up filming recently under the direction of James Foley. The director was able to film the last two movies side by side. But what does the lead actor, Jamie Dornan thinks about it?

The production team almost gave up shooting in France when the Bastille Day bombing happened on July 14. Fortunately, no one among the cast and crew was harmed.

Meanwhile, Dornan, who plays as the BDSM-driven gentleman Christian Grey, opens up about the horrific event. He also revealed the changes between the sequels during his interview on Coming Soon.

According to the actor, the tragic incident had shaken the entire team. However, they kept in mind that they still have to finish the film despite the terror and the horrific experience that they have encountered.

On the other hand, Dornan was all smiles when talking about Fifty Shades Darker. Even though Foley replaced Sam Taylor-Johnson on the director’s chair, they managed to end the film smoothly.

“Some elements have shifted somewhat, but it’s still a lot of the same recurring crew and the actors are the same, much of it doesn’t really change,” quotes the website. Furthermore, he also explained that the work ethic did not change anyhow.

It appears that the fans are just waiting for the trailer to come out. Amidst the fine flow of behind the scenes, the media could not let Dornan and co-star Dakota Johnson, to be not in the headlines.

There have been several rumors that circulate to on-cam love team. One of the most famous rumor is that they are having an affair.

Although Dornan already confessed on Independent that he is unconditionally in love with wife Amelia Warner, the speculations still persist. On the other hand, Johnson never provided a concrete answer about it.

Otherwise, this must indicate that they are just lovers on screen. As for the cast of characters, Fifty Shades Darker also stars Bella Heathcote, Rita Ora, and Eric Johnson, to mention some. The movie heats up the theaters on Feb. 15, 2017.