The Fifty Shades Darker trailer is out, and according to reports, it slams the Star Wars 7 teaser. Could it be possible that the erotic sequel will surpass its box office record as well?

Both of the films launched their preview via YouTube. While the views might not be treated as official, people are now relying on this free website when a new trailer comes out.

According to the Washington Post, The Force Awakens got 112 million views during the first 24 hours of release. However, the upcoming E.L. James flick slams the former by garnering around 114 million views upon its first day of release.

On the other hand, the latest Star Wars film gathered at least an overall gross of $2.1 billion. The movie got $937 million in America and $1.1 billion in the rest of the world.

The website is contemplating if the views for Fifty Shades Darker trailer will account for the actual gross when it kicks off theaters. Thus far, Star Wars films have been in the industry for 40 years and have worldwide appeal.

Meanwhile, the Fifty Shades trilogy just came out of the bookshelves recently. Thus, the movie adaptation is just starting to gather the public’s attention because of its theme.

The film is about Christian Grey, a wealthy businessman who has an obsession with BDSM. His love interest is Anastasia Steele.

Although the nature of the film is quite sexy and revealing, there is a deep story behind its kinkiness.

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House of Cards director James Foley leads the direction and was able to shoot the third film Fifty Shades Freed side by side.

The movie stars Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey and Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele. Other cast members include Bella Heathcote, Kim Basinger and Rita Ora, to mention a few.

Watch the Fifty Shades Darker trailer below: