“Fifty Shades Darker” will not hit the big screen until next year. Will fans really see a different Christian Grey in the next “Fifty Shades” movie? Has Jamie Dornan really been replaced by another actor?

Some fans were not impressed by Dornan in the first movie. Some think he and his co-star, Dakota Johnsson, did not have chemistry. Which actor could possibly replace him? Zac Efron earlier said he is not above doing a full frontal nude scene on film. “Let’s just say I’m not opposed to anything,” Efron told Elle. Could the “Bad Neighbours” actor be the next Christian Grey?

Parent Herald, however, did clarify that Dornan has not been fired from “Fifty Shades Darker.” There are rumours that the actor has left the project to be with his family. His wife,  Amelia Warner, has just given birth. Warner and their two kids are all in London. However, Dornan clarified that he would not give up his part in “Fifty Shades Darker” that easily. “You have to jump through a lot of hoops to get a part like this,” Dornan was quoted as saying.

Efron, for his part, did qualify his answer earlier. He told Elle that, “if you’re gonna pull your [expletive] out, it better be for an Academy Award winning movie.” The first “Fifty Shades” movie did not win an Oscar. It was not even nominated for Best Picture. So, Efron would probably not do a full frontal scene for a “Fifty Shades” movie soon.

Meanwhile, Dornan also hit back at critics who said he and Johnsson lacked chemistry. “They simply wouldn’t have cast us,” the actor said.

“Fifty Shades Darker” is set to open in February 2017. Meanwhile, you can check out Efron do almost everything but a full frontal scene in “Bad Neighbours 2” this coming May 6.