After the success of the first movie, “Fifty shades of Grey”, fans are patiently waiting for news regarding its sequel “Fifty Shades Darker”. Rumors have it that new characters might join the movie.

Several names have been thrown in the air by fans who would like to see more characters from the novel. According to Movie Pilot, here are the top names fans are hoping to see in the sequel:

First on the list is Jack Hyde. According to Realty Today, Hyde is the character that will go in between Christian and Ana’s relationship.

Recent reports revealed that Henry Cavill might fit in the role as Jack Hyde. However, the “Superman” actor revealed that he wouldn’t be joining the film, much to fans dismay.

“I’m not in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey.’ I’m for real. I’m just messing with everyone,” The Mirror noted.

Another character that fans want to see in the sequel is Leila Williams.

“The character of Leila Williams could be totally played up to an almost parodic degree, and that would be great,” Movie Pilot wrote.

Who are the celebrities that could bring Leila to the big screen?

Source says Kendall Jenner, Lily Allen and Carla Delvigne might be good choices.

In addition, fans are still waiting if the character of Elena Lincoln, also known as Mrs. Robinson, would land into the movie plot. In E.L. James’ trilogy, Mrs. Robinson was the ex-dominatrix of Christian Grey.

Actress Julianna Moore could play as Mrs. Robinson, noted Movie pilot. However, different sites such as Movie News Guide previously reported that “Monster” actress Charlize Theron might be playing as the villainous character.

However, these characters are not confirmed to join in the movie. We still need to wait for further news regarding “Fifty Shades Darker” development.

“Fifty Shades Darker” will premiere on the big screen this February 10, 2017.